Corporate Social Responsibility

A sustainable management component is intrinsic to our company.

The world is in desperate need for corporations to play an active direct role and helping those less fortunate. Moringa Wellness have established SEEP to achieve this in our own way outside of just simply “donating money” Below provides a short overview of just some of the programs we are directly involved in.

Moringa Wellness has been providing schools in Zambia with moringa seedling trees on the basis of providing a much needed sustainable source of income. We provide the seedlings at no cost to the schools and when the trees are ready to be harvested for their seeds we pay above market price for these. 2500 trees if looked after can provide as much as 2,500 kg of seed in a single year – allowing for an income of $10,000 per school. We have launched a very hands-on program with Nayamaba School and two others in the local district of Zambia. In addition, is an orphanage that is in much need of funds. We assist in the growing and health of the trees and continue to add seedlings so the crop is always getting bigger.

Zambia is a diverse nation with one of the highest countries of natural forests. Sadly this statistic has been on the decline rather rapidly in recent years due to poverty and trees being cut down for income through making charcoal. Our goal is to grow as many trees in Zambia to assist in this deforestation as well as forming part of schools education programs with the children to make them aware of the natural wonder and vital role trees play in our ecosystem. Our moringa plantation for the harvesting of our own moringa has over 30,000,000 trees planted and accounts for a great deal of carbon mitigation as well and further reducing our own company’s carbon footprint. In addition to the trees and planting programs, we support 32 lion rehabilitation programs, 1 elephant rescue program as well as the “Save the Rhino” campaign in Southern Africa.

Education is the key to Zambia’s future. Sadly there are so many children in need of education that simply can't afford it. Moringa Wellness has partnered up with Nayamaba School to provide both fundings for skills training after schooling as well as providing in very much needed nutrition at school for the children. It is a school on the farm of the CEO of the company where 365 children study for free and are the beating heart of the local