Where Nutrition Meets Delicious.

Moringa Wellness strive to provide nutritious high-quality products for the whole family.

About Us

Moringa Wellness differentiates itself by using scientific food formulations, botanical extracts native to South Africa and our registered Moringex. Moringa Wellness has developed a range of unique tasty, healthy and functional consumer moringa based food and beverage products. With using Moringex, a super concentrate formula - reverse osmosis engineered, products formulated in the laboratory with real science are without equal and at the forefront of the sector.

To supply healthy, functional food and snack options; for everyday use, under the banner “Nutritious Meets Delicious using Southern African INDIGENOUS NATURAL PLANT extracts”.
To scientifically produce the highest quality Moringa traditional and functional food & beverage, medicinal and animal husbandry products available on the international market, so that our clients and consumers may enjoy the unlimited benefits this natural wonder has to offer.
Our ethos is that everyone involved in the value chain, from rural tribal farmer, all the way to the consumer, must benefit from what we do.